Atlas Orthogonist


An Atlas Orthogonist is a specialist who has undergone extensive training in correcting atlas misalignments. The C1 Vertebra also referred to as the Atlas is the top-most upper cervical vertebra that supports the base of your skull.

The Atlas vertebra is the most important link to the rest of your spine. When it is misaligned and locked into an abnormal position, the spine below develops postural distortions that can lead to tension, irritation, disruption to blood flow and cerebrospinal fluid, and can create degenerative changes to the rest of your body.

Atlas supports the weight of the head most efficiently in the Orthogonal position.

Board Certified Atlas Orthogonist

Dr. Scarborough, a Board Certified Atlas Orthogonist, is able to accurately reposition the atlas vertebra using a non-invasive, gentle procedure without pain or pressure. His procedure achieves proper alignment without cracking or popping of the spine or neck.

Dr. Scarborough was trained directly by the pioneer and developer Roy W. Sweat D.C. of the Sweat Institute, Atlanta, Georgia.