Ask Dr. Paul Scarborough

Dr. Palmer taught to correct the atlas position using the hands with about 40 pounds of force.  Dr. Sweat and Dr. John F. Grostic were taught by Dr. Palmer.  In his extensive clinical research, Dr. Grostic found that much less force was actually necessary to correct the atlas into position.  Dr. Sweat in his further research discovered that even less force was actually needed.  Dr. Sweat invented and engineered a highly advanced instrument that without pain or pressure is able to accurately re-position the atlas vertebra.  The procedure is non-invasive and gentle.

The results are often immediate and dramatic.  However, the atlas may have been out of alignment for some time before symptoms actually appear.  Without proper treatment the symptoms only get worse, and the problem becomes more difficult to correct.  The longer the existing condition remains untreated, the more time and treatment it may take to heal.

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